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We have added a Shopping Cart to our site, and will be continually adding more products to it. While in the transition phase, some products can be ordered by using the new system, whereas all products can be ordered by the old system. If you want to order a selection of products using both systems then that is fine - we will sort the orders and shipping charges out and treat it as one order (provided the shipping address is the same). Also, if you wish to add products not yet set up on the shopping cart, you can add them in the comments section of the order form.

Please note that our shipping policy and charges have not changed and are described below. If the new system generates a shipping charge that is incorrect we will contact you before processing your order.

We decided to make this change based on feedback from some customers, and we expect it will simplify the ordering process. During the transition phase, if you have any difficulties we apologize but please just call us (305-629-8679 or 1-877-629-8679 tollfree).

Items that can be ordered using the new system will be marked on the normal pages by the symbol (clicking that will take you to the Online Ordering System - to return you will need to click the BACK button in your browser). Or you can just browse the catalog click here to go now. If you wish to continue to place your order using our old secure order form please click the link at the bottom of this box. The following instructions apply to the old form.

The order form will open in a new window. With a little resizing, you should be able to see both the order form and our website allowing you to go back and forth between the two with ease.   You can easily refer back to the website for item numbers and even cut and paste them into the order form (For those of you who do not know how to cut and paste, highlight the item number then hit the control key and C (at the same time). Now position your cursor in the order form and hit the control key and V (at the same time). This should copy the item number for you).

Stitchers' Paradise will attempt to confirm all orders within 48 hours by e-mail. Because there is a remote possibility of an order getting lost in cyber-space, if you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us.   Our goal is to process and ship orders within 2-4 business days, but that is not always possible. We will normally e-mail and let you know when you can expect delivery.

If you have any comments about our ordering system, please let us know.

As always.........we appreciate your business.

CLICK HERE to order using our secure online form.

Florida residents: Add 7% sales tax.

Further information on our Shipping Policy  or our Returns Policy  is available via these links

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