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Bent Creek

Cross Stitch Charts

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Designer / Name / Approx. Design Size / Item Number Price
xsbc1047.jpg (95880 bytes) Bent Creek / Golden Autumn / Stitch count - 34w x 46h for Framed Golden Autumn - 75w x 69h for Turkey in a Pumpkin Pillow / 10 count Heatherfield over 1 thread . XSBC1047 7.00
xsbc1048.jpg (70787 bytes) Bent Creek / The Cold Snowman  / Stitch count - 90w x 55h for the Cold Snowman  - 33w x 22h for Snowman Ornament  / XSBC1048 7.00
xsbc1066.jpg (116429 bytes) Bent Creek / Joy / Stitch count - 91w x 120h  / 32count Belfast Linen /  XSBC1066 7.00
xsbc1067.jpg (79913 bytes) Bent Creek /The Border House / Stitch count - 97w x 101h  / 32 count Belfast Linen  XSBC1067
Button Accessory Pack - $10.00
xsbc1075.jpg (98501 bytes) Bent Creek / Yule  / Stitch count - 97w x 120h  / 30count  Linen /  XSBC1075 7.00
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