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Shipping Policy

Order Handling and Shipping Charges

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We always try to acknowledge orders within 48 hours to confirm we have received the order and to notify you when it will ship. We also try to ensure that our shipping charges are fair and reasonable.

Order Handling

We try to ship in-stock orders within 24-36 hours.
If an order includes some items that are out of stock, then one of the following will happen:
   - if most of the items are in stock we will ship them to you using our normal mail service and charge your card for the items shipped. We will then ship the remainder of your order as soon as we have received the items from our suppliers, and ship them first class mail and charge your card for the additional items being shipped
    - if the order includes a significant number of out-of-stock items, it will be held until we can ship the entire order. In this case your credit card will not be charged until we make the shipment
    - if the order falls between the two scenarios above, we will either use our discretion to decide or we may contact you by email to explain the situation and ask you to choose how and when we ship your order. If you have specific wishes about partial shipments please enter a comment in the customer comment field in the order page.

Orders for Needlework frames or other heavy items will be shipped by us if we have all the items in stock, otherwise we will request the supplier to ship it directly to you (which normally only takes 2 to 3 days). Their usual shipping method is UPS Ground - delivery is usually within 1 - 7 days dependent upon distance. We will not charge your credit card until we have received confirmation from the supplier that the shipment has been made.

We added PayPal in January 2011. The PayPal system requires you to pay for the total amount of the order when you place it. This will not include shipping if the order is international. Also, sometimes we may not have all the items you have ordered in stock, and we may decide to ship what we do have to you now, and the remainder later, but we do not want you to pay for items that we have not yet shipped. Whatever happens at the time of order, we will refund any over-charges as we ship the items to you, or if necessary request an additional PayPal payment from you if the shipping was not charged correctly.

Shipping Charges

  Note: We use USPS Click & Ship for mailing labels and in the past this has resulted in savings of approximately 10% - 15%, which we have systematically passed on to you. Unfortunately USPS discontinued this discount on January 17, 2016, and also increased their original prices by an average of 10% to 15%. This means that we reluctantly have to increase our base shipping charges.

Shipping rates: Normal (using Priority Mail)

                         Order value       Shipping charge
                             Up to $19.99           $7.50
                             $20.00 to $49.99    $9.50
                             $50.00 to $99.99    $12.95
                             $100.00+                 $2.00 plus actual shipping cost (the system will put $25.00 on your order).

Florida residents: Add 7% sales tax.

We strive to maintain fair shipping charges, calculated to be actual shipping costs plus $2.00. We therefore reserve the right to adjust the charge from the above table for Bulky, Heavy or Large items (such as Floor Stands, Frames, Lamps, Heavy Books, or long stretcher bars). If your order will fit into a standard Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope for a single shipment the charge will be $8.45 (unless your order value is less than $20.00 in which case it will be $7.50).

If you only need one chart or one skein of floss, please indicate in the comment field that you would like First Class Mail, and it will be shipped for $3.95. Some discretion is used with this on very small orders!

International Shipping rates:

Shipping/Handling is $2.00 plus actual shipping cost. Packages will normally be shipped by International Priority Mail which provides a level of insurance and the quoted delivery time is 6-10 business days.

If International Parcel Post is significantly lower cost we will contact you with the shipping information (costs and delivery time for each option) for you to choose. For Parcel Post the quoted delivery time is over 10 business days.

Most packages weigh between 1-2 pounds. You can view approximate costs by going to http://www.usps.com (indicate that you would like to mail a Package then select country, etc. The originating zip code is xxxxx).

Further Detailed Information
1. Our delivery estimates are timed from when the credit card transaction is approved. Sometimes credit card numbers get entered with transposed digits, resulting in the card being declined. In those situations we will inform you by email or phone, and request you either phone us or enter a new order with a correct credit card number. We would ask that customers do NOT put their credit card details in an unsecure email.

2. In some cases we find that items that are out-of-stock take a long time to be delivered to us or may even be no longer available from our suppliers. We try to monitor this but sometimes customer orders hang around longer than we (or you) would like. We now operate to a policy where orders that are older than two months will be closed, and we will normally notify you of this. (We use two months on the basis that if we have not received the goods from our supplier then they are probably never going to arrive, and we assume that you are making the same assumption about us!).

for information about our returns policy, please go to our Returns Policy page.

Radish Roots LLC

Radish Roots LLC
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