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Stitch & Zip Cases

Needlepoint & Cross Stitch kits

Alice Peterson Company

Stitch & Zip kits are pre-finished kits. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so can be used for Eyeglasses, Phones (both small and larger ones), Cameras, Needlework scissors, and also as checkbook covers, cosmetic purses or coin purses. And recently they added cases for eBook readers (e.g. Kindle®, Nook®, etc) and the iPAD®, and very recently have added Mini Stockings.

All Stitch & Zips are complete kits, containing needle, 14 mesh cotton canvas and fabric back, threads and full instructions. The cases have a nylon zipper which goes round all four edges, except the eyeglass case and mini stocking which leaves the fourth side open. Stitching is easy with the zips open, and when finished the item is zipped up and ready for use. There is no finishing required with these kits, they are simple to make, quick and fun projects and make great gifts.

Most of the designs are available in many different case types. If you like a particular design, and want to find other Stitch & Zip kits using the same design, we have created a cross reference table to help you. Click here to see the Stitch & Zip Cross Reference Table

We also have Alice Peterson Co. Stitch-Ups. These are pre-finished Needlepoint kits which make 4" diameter Ornaments. To see them go to the Alice Peterson Co. Painted Canvases page.

The most recent additions are now on a new page - to see them go to the Latest Stitch & Zips page.

Stitch & Zip Needlepoint kits (images are samples from each range)

Mini Stockings

size: 5" x 7.25" (13cm x 18cm)

Mini Stockings

Go to Mini Stockings page

iPAD® Cases

size: 8.5" x 10.5" (22cm x 27cm)

iPAD case

Go to iPAD Cases page

eBook Reader Cases

size: 6" x 9" (15cm x 23cm)

eBook reader case

Go to eBook Reader Cases page

Eyeglass Cases

size: 3.5" x 7" (9cm x 18cm)

Eyeglass case

Go to Eyeglass Cases page

Cosmetic Purse

size: 7" x 4.75" (18cm x 12cm)

Cosmetic purse

Go to Cosmetic Purse page

Credit Card / Camera / Phone case

size: 4.5" x 3.25" (11.3cm x 8cm)

Camera/Phone case

Go to Credit Card Cases page

Scissor Cases

size: 2.75" x 4.5" (7cm x 11.5cm)

Scissor case

Go to Scissor Cases page

Tallis Bags

size: 13" x 10" (33cm x 25cm)

Tallis Bag

Go to Tallis Bag page

Checkbook Covers

size: 6.5" x 4" (18cm x 12cm)

Checkbook Cover

Go to Checkbook Covers page

Pencil Halfspec cases

size: 3.5" x 7" (9cm x 18cm)

Halfspec cases

Go to Pencil/Halfspec Cases page

Memory Bags

size: 6" x 9" (15cm x 23cm)

Memory Bag

Go to Memory Bags page


Stitch & Zip Cross Stitch kits

Eyeglass Cases

size: 3.5" x 7" (9cm x 18cm)

Eyeglass case

Go to the Cross Stitch Eyeglass Cases page

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