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Designs by Karen Bourgaize
Cross stitch designs in the Art Nouveau & Art Deco styles

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Designer / Name / Approx. Design Size / Item Number Price
xsas01.jpg (55447 bytes) Anastasia (Adapted from a Russian concert ball poster from c. 1900) / Stitch count 141w x 96h / Finished size 10" x 7"on 28 ct. fabric / XSAS153 $9.50
xsas02.jpg (39500 bytes) Chequer and Rose (Inspired by a tea room menu cover from the turn of the century in Glasgow)   Stitch count 56w x 118h / Finished size 4" x 8.5"on 28 ct. fabric / XSAS138 $7.50
xsas03.jpg (46819 bytes)  Pussycat Pair ( Adapted from a German Art Nouveau motif from the turn of the century) / Stitch count 73w x 89h / Finished size 5.2" x 6.4"on 28 ct. fabric / XSAS129 $8.50
xsas149.jpg (39073 bytes) Feline Queen (Based on a drawing by the great French Art Nouveau artist, Theophile Steinlen)/ Stitch count 177w x 129h / Finished size 12.5" x 9.2"on 28 ct. fabric / XSAS149 $9.50
xsas118.jpg (45213 bytes) Chat Noir (Adapted from a Poster by the French graphic artist Theophile Steinlen, in the mid 1890's) / Stitch count 87w x 123h / Finished size 6.2" x 8.7"on 28 ct. fabric / XSAS118 $11.50
xsas112.jpg (48125 bytes)  Teardrop ( Based on a motif by Scotish arties and architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh.)  / Stitch count 102w x 157h / Finished size 7.3" x 11.2"on 28 ct. fabric / XSAS112 $8.50
xsas162.jpg (42495 bytes) Lotus Window (Reflects the influence of oriental art on the turn-of-the-century style of Art Nouveau) / Stitch count 79w x 164h / Finished size 5.6" x 11.7"on 28 ct. fabric / XSAS162 $9.50
xsas160.jpg (57586 bytes) Antique Stained Glass Panel (In the style of a  turn-of-the-century stained glass window))/ Stitch count 161w x 78h / Finished size 11.5" x 5.6"on 28 ct. fabric / XSAS160 $10.50
xsas128.jpg (34144 bytes) Rose Tile (Inspired by an English  Art Nouveau tile from the turn-of -the-century))/ Stitch count 51w x 99h / Finished size 3.6" x 7.1"on 28 ct. fabric / XSAS128 $7.50
xsas154.jpg (29632 bytes) Bellflower (Inspired by a turn-of-the-century tile)/ Stitch count 106w x 141h / Finished size 7.6" x 10.1"on 28 ct. fabric / XSAS154 $9.50

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